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About one third or 1/3

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20 to 25 percent

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Q: About how many Americans would remain faithful to the British crown through the course of the Revolution?
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What was the American Revolution and its impact on American History?

The American Revolution was the war and political activity through which 13 British colonies in North America separated from Britain and became independent states holding territory from what is now Georgia to what is now Maine, and from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi river.

Why did American Indian tribes support the British during the American revolution?

Because the Americans were stealing their land, stealing their food, and going back on all the agreements they made with the native Indians.

Explain why the french did not publicly support the Americans until after the battle of saratoga?

why did France help the Americans after their victory at Saratoga. Revenge for their losses in the Seven Years War.And to disrupt possible British naval hegemony after the Seven Years War.Of course what happened is France ended up paving the way for the French revolution.

How did the French treat Native Americans?

they respected their way of life and learned from them The british treated the native Americans wrong They treated them cruely and basically like dirt through their actions.

What was the colonist reaction after the American Revolution?

=The American Revolution began in the mid 1700s and ended with the Treaty of Paris signed in 1783. As John Adams said, "The revolution was effected before the war commenced. The revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people." Following the French and Indian War, the colonists began feeling the confidence that victory brings. They increasingly saw themselves as a separate entity, one that could defend itself against any opposing threat. Of course, King George III and Parliament were viewing the situation quite differently. They were affirming their need for the colonies in order to remain a world power and to generate revenue through taxes and trade. Prompted by this perception, the British government increased control over the colonies and levied taxes, which in turn led to the rebellion known as the American Revolution.=

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How many Americans would remain faithful to the British crown through the course of the Revolution?

About one third or 1/3

How was the French Revolution financed?

The French revolution was financed through the help of the British

How did Americans react to the french revolution?

After hearing about the French Revolution, Americans began to celebrate and become extremely enthusiastic. They thought that they had inspired the French to go through with the French Revolution after they gained their independence from Britain.

How did the Americans with the American revolution?

The American's had to go through series of events that led them to the win.

How has the British culture left it's mark on the world?

British culture has left its mark on the world through the English language, the Industrial Revolution, and its music.

What two countries outlawed slavery during the Industrial Revolution?

The two countries that outlawed slavery during the Industrial Revolution were England and France. England passed the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833, which abolished slavery in the British Empire. Similarly, France abolished slavery in its colonies through the Law of 1848.

Who was involed in the French and Indian War?

The British, French, Americans, and Native Americans. Many of the Native Americans fought with the French. The French had settled with many of the Northeastern tribes through the years as fur trappers and they had a relationship with them. The British had treated the tribes as interlopers on their own lands. Americans, like George Washington, fought under the British flag and as a British officer. In fact, it was Washington that fired the first shots of the warRead more: Who_was_involved_in_the_french_and_Indian_war

What did it mean to be a Loyalist in the years leading to and through the American Revolution?

A loyalist was an American who remained loyal to the British government after the American colonies had declared independence.

What religious movement swept through Europe and the british colonies that laid the foundation for the American revolution?

religious movement swept through europe and the colonies in the mid 1700s

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How did the First Continental Congress steer a middle course between revolution and conciliation with the British?

Meeting for less than two months in September-October of 1774, the First Continental Congress steered a middle course between revolution against and conciliation with the British in a number of ways. Principally, it acted aggressively through a resolution to boycott British goods while seeking conciliation through a respectful, even deferential, petition that directly presented grievances to the British monarch.

Matriculation in a sentence?

Through her matriculation at the University, she has remained faithful.