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=The American Revolution began in the mid 1700s and ended with the Treaty of Paris signed in 1783. As John Adams said, "The revolution was effected before the war commenced. The revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people." Following the French and Indian War, the colonists began feeling the confidence that victory brings. They increasingly saw themselves as a separate entity, one that could defend itself against any opposing threat. Of course, King George III and Parliament were viewing the situation quite differently. They were affirming their need for the colonies in order to remain a world power and to generate revenue through taxes and trade. Prompted by this perception, the British government increased control over the colonies and levied taxes, which in turn led to the rebellion known as the American Revolution.=

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Despite the American victory in the war of independence the British captured large numbers of American soldiers who were initially returned to Britain. Large number of these were sent to Australia and in particular to the Port Arthur penal colony in Southern Tasmania. After the period of their sentence these former convicts were allowed to enter the wider community and they stayed in Australia and prospered. As was often the case with many convicts, many sent word back to their former homes and were followed to Australia by their extended families. Life was so good in Australia that transportation soon failed to be a disincentive for criminals and political dissidents.

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The British felt that the American Revolution was a simple conflict that they would not have a problem winning. They felt that they had more advantages than the colonists did.

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After the Revolutionary War, the British had negative opinions of the Americans. The British thought of them as rebels and that the Americans would collapse themselves.

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Q: What was the colonist reaction after the American Revolution?
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The colonists reacted to the Boston Massacre by forming militias and eventually fighting the British in the American Revolution. It is sometimes said that the Massacre was the start of the war.

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The colonist were happy because they won the American Revolution securing their freedom from Britain.