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This can easily be figured out with some easy math!

First, let's figure out how many hours are in a year-- one year is 365 days, and one day is 24 hours. So, we multiply 24 hours by 365 days so we know how many 24-hour-time-periods there are in one year.

24X365= 8760

So if there are 8769 hours in one year, and one hour is 60 minutes, we can then find out how many minutes in one year by multiplying 60 by 8760.

60X8760= 525600

So a basic year is 525600 minutes, just as the Rent song tells us. Now, we divide 1,000,000 minutes by 525600 minutes, so we know how many 525600 units (i.e., years) there are in 1,000,000 minutes.


So, when we've lived one million minutes, we are just about two years old. If there is a leap year involved, about 2 years old is a pretty good estimate!

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Q: About how many years old were you by the time you had lived a million minutes?
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