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Q: Abraham and Ishmael built the holiest sanctuary in Islam known as the?
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How do you xxplain the connection between Abraham and Islam?

Abraham was the father of Ishmael, to whom Arabs trace their ancestry.

What religon orignitated from abrahams othe son?

Islam originated from Abraham's son Ishmael.

Is Islam connected with ishmael?

Islam believes in all the prophets of the other two major religions and believe that ishmael and his father Abraham built the holy khaba and that ishmael was the next prophet after Abraham.

What connected did Arabs believe existed between Abraham and the Ka'aba?

The Ka'aba is a cubic structure located in a square adjacent to the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Islam's holiest city. In pre-Islamic times it was holy to Arabs of all religions - Jews, Christians and pagans. The Arabs believed that Abraham and his son, Ishmael, had built the Ka'aba. and they both were Judaism.

Which is the holiest drink in Islam?

Milk is the holiest drink in Islam.

Who is Ishmael and why is he significant to Islam?

Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Hagar (an Egyptian princess). Since G0d made Isaac the heir of Abraham and the next link in the chain that led to Judaism, He commanded Abraham to listen to his wife (Sarah) and send Ishmael away. This was a formal act that dealt with the inheritance and they did maintain contact throughout the years. For example, Ishmael attended and helped with Abraham's funeral, while acknowledging that Isaac was his heir. G0d promised Abraham that Ishmael would be the progenitor of a people that would have the traits that described him. These were the Arabs. When Mohammad invented Islam, he changed some of the Bible stories to involve Ishmael and pretended that he was a full prophet.

What is the second holiest shrine in Islam is?

Medina is the second holiest shrine in Islam.

What was Abraham's sacrafice?

Abraham's original sacrifice was his son Isaac(Ishmael to the Islam religion) but God stopped him and so Abraham sacrificed a nearby ram as an offering to God.

Is there a link between Christianity and Islam?

Both Islam and Christianity originated out of Judaism.

Early civilization most directly contributed to the development of both Christianity and Islam?

The Hebrew civilization most directly contributed to the development of both Christianity and Islam. Abraham was a Hebrew and had two sons Ishmael and Jacob. Islam is from Ishmael's lineage and Christianity is from Jacob's lineage.

Ishmael was a member of which religious denomination?

Ishmael is a character in the Bible who is considered to be the ancestor of the Arab people. He is traditionally seen as a figure of Islam, as Muslims believe that he, along with his father Abraham, built the Kaaba in Mecca.

Which oldest among Christianity and Islamic?

Christianity and Islam both have roots in Judaism. Abraham's son Issac was the ancestor of Jesus. Abraham's son Ishmael was the ancestor of Muhammad.