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Monarch i believe

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Q: Absolute ruler who used his or her power to bring about political and social change?
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What were the goals of englighgened despots?

The goals of enlightened despots was to bring political and social change.

What political efficacy?

The belief that political involvement can bring about change

What kind of actions can bring about social change?

There are various actions that can bring about social change. For example, in the USA, civil disobedience has been effective in bringing about social change.

What does political efficacy means?

The belief that political involvement can bring about change

What changes did Wold War 1 bring in political and social?

lalalala (:

Is violence a sound strategy to bring about significant political social change?

Yes it can. Violence tells political leaders that the people are not pleased, so they will try to reform. It's whats happening in Syria, and it happened in Libya and Egypt

What is necessary for discovery to bring about the MOST extensive social change?

It is necessary for a discovery to be well publicized within society. This will allow that discovery to bring about the most extensive social change.

What social change did Mao Zedong bring?

spread of communism

Is non violence an abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'nonviolence' is an abstract noun; a word for the use of peaceful means, not force, to bring about political or social change; a word for a concept.

How did napoleon bring social political and financial stability?

by doing physical harrasment towards his wife

What did the enlightened despots try to do?

Enlightened Despots used their power to bring about social and political changes

What are a social forces?

A social force is anything within a society that has the capability to bring about change or encourage someone to bring about or cause change. Social force. Any effective urge or impulse that leads to social action. Specifically, a social force is a consensus on the part of a sufficient number of the members of society to bring about social action or social change of some sort. In the plural, the social forces are the typical basic drives, or motives, which lead to the fundamental types of association and group relationship