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They Do Because They Need Money Though , Like Yah Feel Me

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because it led to destruction of homes

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Q: How did the Enlightenment bring about political and social changes?
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How did enlightenment despots contribute to the enlightenment?

The Enlightened Despots used their power to bring about some political changes as well as social.

What changes did Wold War 1 bring in political and social?

lalalala (:

How did enlightened despots both advance and undermine enlightenment ideals?

Enlightened despotism is a form of absolute monarchy or despotism in which rulers were influenced by the Enlightenment. The primary enlightenment idea undermined is democracy. Such as Catherine the Great and Napolean.

What did the enlightened despots try to do?

Enlightened Despots used their power to bring about social and political changes

What changes did the enlightenment bring?

The Enlightenment was the spark for both the French and American Revolutions. It brought about many new concepts and philosophies that are still debated today.

The institution that minority groups have prossed to bring about social changes is the?


What is the name of the institution that has pressed to bring about social changes for minority groups?


Explain the social changes promised by the Bolshevik slogans?

they promised to bring peace but failed to and bring justice to peoples

What were the goals of englighgened despots?

The goals of enlightened despots was to bring political and social change.

Absolute ruler who used his or her power to bring about political and social change?

Monarch i believe

How did napoleon bring social political and financial stability?

by doing physical harrasment towards his wife

Why did civil right workers try to bring an end to segregation?

Because they were no longer willing to wait for moral enlightenment among the power structure to affect social change.