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the people can "alter or abolish it" and create a new government

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Q: According to John Locke if people ask for changes from the government and they fail to change or fail to protect the people then what can the people do?
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When the government doesnt protect individual rights its up to the people to do what?

When representative forms of government do not do what each person wishes that government had done, it is the right of each person to act within the law in order to affect a change. A person who does not want to do much may vote for the candidate whom they believe best represents their interests. A person willing to do a little more may choose to volunteer their time and/or their money to support the candidate whom they hope wins election. A person who is inspired may choose to become personally involved with government by running for office themselves.

How did the American people respond to the changing role of the federal government?

The American people have traditionally questioned every change made by the Federal government. In questioning the role changes, a well thought out definition and parameters have been established.

According to the Declaration of Independence when is it okay to rebel against a government?

When the government no longer serves the needs of the people, but Jefferson also adds that "the people" have to first try to reason with the government and to change it peacefully. Only as a last resort must they move against the government.

How many times has France changed governments since the American revolution?

Depends what you mean by government. There have been 23 changes of Constitution. Under some of these, the actual Government was inclined to change every 3 months or so, and it would be quite a task to count them.

How did the government change from the 1920 to the 1930 and what were the lasting effects?

Which government?

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