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congress cannot pass a law for the government of the territories which shall prohibit the free exercise of religion

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Q: According to chief justice waite what authority did congress have to regulate religious practices in the territories?
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Which was the most common method empire builders used to unite vast territories?

religious tolerance

Top What was a Government by Divine Authority Called?

When a government is thought to be assigned by divine authority by its citizens, this is called a Theocracy. The ruler hold all of the political and religious power in a butt

A government holds strict religious control over a country. The country's laws are based on its leaders' interpretation of religious texts and the government uses a violent police force to end protest?

it has both power and authority

Why were puritans against the King Charles the I?

Puritans were against King Charles I primarily because they believed he was not doing enough to reform the Church of England according to their strict religious principles. They saw him as a threat to their religious freedom and sought to challenge his authority in order to create a more puritanical society. Additionally, Charles I's attempts to centralize his power and his conflicts with Parliament further alienated the puritans.

What best describes the Great Awakening in colonial America?

The Great Awakening was a religious revival movement that swept through the American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s. It emphasized a more personal and emotional experience of Christianity and challenged the authority of established churches. It had a significant impact on American society, fostering religious diversity, promoting religious liberty, and contributing to the development of a shared national identity.

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what according to Luther is the sole religious authority?

According to Luther, the sole religious authority was himself. This belief was based on his own interpretation of the Bible which drove his own following of Christianity.

How is authority connected to religion?

A:In the absence of personal freedom, authority can be used to enforce specific religious beliefs and practices. This was the case in Europe from the fourth century until the sixteenth century, when Christian humanists began to espouse the cause of religious tolerance.

Why are some religious practices prohibited in the US?

The Government can limit religious practices if the practices are harmful to others.

How do you show respect for the religious practices of different religious sects?

how do you show respect for the religious practices of different religious sect

What were the religious practices associated with the Mayas?

they sacrificed people as one of their main religious practices

Why would a religious believer go against authority?

The authority might not be right according to the bible or is against GOD or feelsthat they or wrong and has his own oppinion

What group opposed religious and civil authority as well as military service and they were known for their peaceful values?

The Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends, opposed religious and civil authority as well as military service. They promoted peaceful values, emphasizing principles such as nonviolence, equality, and simplicity in their beliefs and practices.

Which religious authority announces an Edict?

An edict is typically announced by a religious leader such as a pope, bishop, or religious council within a particular faith. It is a formal proclamation or directive issued by a religious authority on matters of faith, doctrine, or practice.

When is a person truly religious?

A person is truly religious when they live their life according to their faith's teachings, participate in religious practices regularly, and demonstrate compassion and kindness towards others in line with their beliefs.

Who was in the top class of Sumer's social structure?

The top class in Sumer's social structure was comprised of the kings and priests, who held political and religious power. They were considered to have divine authority and were responsible for governing the city-states and overseeing religious practices.

What do religious practices mean to different people?

Given the great variety of religious practices, and the great variety of people who engage in those practices, and the great variety of interpretations which that great variety of people make about the great variety of religious practices that they practice, the answer is, it can mean just about anything.

What were the religious practices of the Inca!?