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Answer: If there was no government, everyone would go back to the State of Nature before john Locke decided to create a government. People's rights go unprotected, and it is the Governments job to protect peoples Natural Rights. The Government ensue structure, allows equal say and equal representation. Our freedom would crumble, and everyone is going to want to dictate everyone else. Instead of everyone being equal, it is going to be strong vs. weak. State of Nature: The "Natural condition of mankind" is what exists if there is no government, laws and common power to restrain human Nature. State of Nature is, "Every man for himself," which is human beings seeking out to destroy each other in a mad pursuit for power, control and authority.

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Thomas Hobbes argued that without a government (Sovereign Authority) anarchy would ensue. He described this as a 'state of nature'. Hobbes believed that every man's actions would be driven by self interest and not collective negotiation, and during peacetime a man would be constantly at conflict with his neighbours in order to provide for his family.

In his work 'The Leviathan' which describes his theory of social contract he contends that in a lawless society without the protection of the State life would be 'solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short'.

His social contract would mean society would cede their natural rights to their Sovereign Authority which would control civil, military, judicial and powers of the church in return for protection.

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With out a government we would all be living in anarchy. We need the government to keep things running smoothly otherwise everything would be crazy.

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Q: According to hobbes what would happen without government?
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According to Thomas Hobbes's concept of the social contract what do people exchange for protection by the government?

Hobbes believe people exchange many personal freedoms for government protection

According to thomas hobbes's concept of social contract what do people exchange for protection by the government?

Hobbes believe people exchange many personal freedoms for government protection

What did Hobbes suggest must be done to keep human society from becoming a war of all against all?

Hobbes advocated the idea of a strong government which all citizens agreed to obey. Without an agreed upon ruler, according to Hobbes, society would descend into violence and chaos.

What kind of government did Hobbes want?

Hobbes wanted a strong government monarchy.

What is the core principle according to Hobbes is?

The core principle according to Hobbes is

Which philosopher believed in strong government control?

Thomas Hobbes for one

Who said without government life would be solitary poor nasty brutish and short?

The philosopher Thomas Hobbes said it, it came from the Leviathan (a book collecting most of his work)

What did hobbes call the imaginary time in history when man lived without man-made laws or government?

the state of nature

What does Hobbes believe?

Hobbes believed that government was necessary to keep order and to avoid chaos.

Why do we according to hobbes need government?

To protect fundamental natural rights of the individuals submitting themselves to the athority of those governing.

When is revolution necessary in the Leviathan according to Hobbes?

Hobbes does not grant a right to revolution, but grants a right to self-preservation. Therefore, you have a right to revolution, only in the sense that you may resist the government if it intends to end you.

What ideas of government were introduced by hobbes in leviathan?

Hobbes presented three types of government monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. He argued that monarchy was the best.