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I think Congress...?? lol If your reading this and your in Mrs.Madsen's class, its Me DIGGY LOVER!!

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Q: According to the idea of majority rule whose decisions make policy for everyone?
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What is a direct democracy about?

Direct democracy allows citizens to make policy decisions through a majority vote. In contrast, representative democracies allow citizens to elect representatives to make policy decisions for them.

Did the framers of the Constitution believe that all policy decisions should be made by majority vote of the people?

yes, because they were advocates of direct democracy

Five interests affected by public policy decisions?

Numerous interests are affected by public policy decisions. Five examples are: food policy decisions affect consumer and corporate interests, public policy decisions affect crops that are allowed to be grown which affect consumer, farmer, and corporate interests; policies concerning the handicapped affect their interests, many types of policy policy decisions affect corporations' interests, and policies about animals affect the interests of pet owners and farmers.

How do you use the word major in a sentence?

The committee makes policy decisions by a majority vote. A majority of the team preferred the new uniforms. The age at which a citizen is considered an adult was called the age of majority, and the term minor is still widely used to mean those of a younger age.

Which is not a characteristic of a multiparty system?

Multiparty systems allow for variation in political discourse, and often tries to unite them all in policy decisions, or at least to make decisions with the majority in mind. Multiparty systems do have one leader, but he or she typically gets input from many other people.

Process by which policy decisions are made?


Do judges make policy?

No. They make decisions and some decisions are used to change law.

What is policy gridlock?

Policy gridlock is when no coalition is strong enough to form and hold a majority. Due to not holding a majority, policy cannot be established. Nothing gets done. Policy gridlock can occur when one party doesn't hold a significant majority of seats in congress.

What contributes to the lack of consistency between public opinion and public policy?

Public policy is generally what everyone accepts, while public opinion is what they want. Generally speaking, public policy is defined by law and not by what people want. In America, while we are among the free-est of nations, still does not get whatever the majority wants, as even the majority knows that many times what they want is not what they need.

What does foreign policy decisions mean?

foreign policy:A policy governing international relations.

Are employees involved in policy decisions?

A poll of Fortune 500 companies reported that almost half (47 percent) of these companies involve employees in policy decisions

What is the process in which policy decisions are made known as?

The process by which policy decisions are made is known as politics. A country's political system is the framework for how politics is carried out in that country.