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Q: According to the original constitution what positions were elected directly by the people the president and vice president US senators Representatives to the House?
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Who can write tax bills according to the US constitution?

According the United States Constitution, only the House of Representatives can introduce tax bills. The Senate has to approve them and the president must sign it for it to become law.

Who becomes president upon death of the chief executive?

Aocording to the U.S. Constitution, the vice president becomes president. The order of succession continues with the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, and then Cabinet members in the chronological order of their positions.

According to the Preamble who and ordains and establishes and the Constitution?

The president

What are the four positions that will succeed the president if he can no longer serve?

In order of succession: The Vice President The Speaker of the House of Representatives President Pro Tempore of the Senate The Secretary of State

The Constitution gives the power to impeach the President and other civil officers to the?

The House of Representatives is the only body the US Constitution authorizes to impeach the President and other civil officers.

What broke the tie in the election of 1800?

According to the Constitution, the House of Representatives had to choose between Burr and Jefferson. The federalists, however, still controlled the House of representatives. It was true that the Democratic-Republicans wanted Jefferson as their president. Even so, the Federalists would decide the winner. Members of the House of Representatives voted 36 time before finally electing Jefferson as President. Burr became vice-president.

According to the constitution Who ordains and establishes?

The president

Who impeaches the official?

According to the constitution, the House of Representatives has the power to impeach federal officials (even the president). The Senate acts as the jury, and (in presidential cases) the Chief Justice acts as the judge.

According to the Constitution who elects the President and Vice President?

The electoral college

According to the U.S. Constitution Who is official the president of the senate?

According to the us constitution who is the presiding officer of the senate?

Who is not mentioned in the constitution in regards to receiving pay from public funds?

The Vice President. The Constitution does say that Senators and Representatives are to be paid out of the public funds, and that the President, Judges and Justices will also be paid, but the Vice President's compensation is not mentioned.

What is the main idea of this excerpt from an article in the U.S. Constitution?

the constitution establishes the qualifications for congressional representatives