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all groups are allowed to participate

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Q: According to the pluralist theory group struggle is democratic if what?
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Who holds power according to the pluralist theory?

many groups of people

An important idea of pluralist theory is that?

The main idea of the pluralist theory is defined by who is running the government. Pluralist theory says that a group of people run the government instead of just one person.

What does the pluralist theory states?

the state in which there is democracy is simply called a pluralist state.

What does the Pluralist theory suggests?

Pluralist theory suggests that power in society is distributed among various competing groups with different interests, rather than being concentrated in the hands of a single dominant group. It advocates for a democratic system where diverse groups have the opportunity to influence political decisions.

Which of those theories best explains the rise of democratic states?

The pluralist theory of democracy suggests that diverse groups in society compete for power and influence, leading to democratic governance where decision-making is decentralized. This theory aligns with the development of democratic states as they promote participation and representation of various interests.

What is the theory that says many people have powers?


What theorie hold that many ordinary people have access to power?

The pluralist theory holds that many ordinary people have access to power through interest groups, voting, and communication with representatives in a democratic society. This theory suggests that power is dispersed among various groups and individuals, rather than concentrated in the hands of a few elites.

What theory is the type of theory of power that argues that many people have access to power?


What theory holds that ordinary people have access to power?


Which theory of government states that a large group of people hold power?

In sociology and political science, elitist theory of government argues that power is held by a small group of people. Elite theorists included Elmer Eric Schattschneider, Thomas R. Dye, and James Burnham.

The type of theory of power that argues that many people have access to power is what?


The theory that argues that group competition results in a rough approximation of the public interest in public policy is?

Pluralist Theory