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The patiots new the geography well. Gen. George Washington was also commander-in-cheif of the Continental Army, and Washington was one of the best generals in history. Many of the patriots also owned rifles.

The Patriots faced many hard times but they were determined to fight to defend their homes and family

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The American Patriots fighting for independence during the Revolutionary War had several key advantages over their English opponents. Knowledge of local terrain was one. Willingness to engage in innovative (and quite effective) battle-tactics was another. Finally, they were fighting for their homeland, while the soldiers opposing them were not.

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They were fighting on their own turf. It was do or die for them. Also they had superior generals and a cause to fight for. Furthermore, while they didn't have as many guns, those they did have were rifles, which were much more accurate than the smoothbores of England.

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Q: Advantages the american patriots had in the Revolutionary war?
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What advantages did the patriots have in the revolutionary war?

They knew the land and had home advantage.

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The patriots in the American revolutionary wore blue uniform. by tyra Powell from p.s37q

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American Revolution

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They were Patriots in the American Revolution.

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- Advantage of fighting at home; - Popular support.

What were the some advantages the patriots had in the revolutionary war?

The Patriots know the land and have a cause for fighting (ANGER WITH TAXES AND OTHER THINGS).

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i think American Indians

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George Washington

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American Indians

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the battle at Yorktown

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The Germans

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