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The fight for independence in African countries was directly inspired by the independence movement in India. However, Africa did not always adopt the non-violent methods used by India.

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Q: African leaders were encouraged to seek their own independence based on the example of the independence movement in?
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What is the literary or philosophical movement of the declaration of independence?

The Enlightenment was the literary and philosophical movement in Europe that greatly influenced the Declaration of Independence. The idea of the consent of the governed, for example, was drawn from philosophers of the movement.

What was the impact of the independence movement in the United states on Latin America?

Creole elites viewed it as a horrible example of social upheaval

What is an example of reform movement?

The Civil Rights Movement in the United States is an example of a reform movement that sought to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans. Through nonviolent protests, legal challenges, and advocacy, the movement aimed to achieve equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.

How did bolivar inspire latin americans to preserve?

Bolivar fought against the Spanish rule of the time. He encouraged Latin Americans to fight for their independence and preserve by showing them what to do and being a good example.

What is an example of the African diaspora?

Santeria is an example of the African diaspora.

What is an example sentence of independence?

Independence Day is on the fourth of July.

Is the Declaration of Independence an example of zeal?

yes it is an example

What is racism and did Africans try to overcome it after they gain independence?

Racism is the theory that human abilities etc. are determined by race. If anything, many African countries encouraged this theory after their independence. This is exactly why there was strife between many African tribal groups within the same country. -Hutu and Tutsi are a prime example of this. - This tribal racism has happened in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana , Sierra Leone, and many other countries after independence.There have been a number of struggles between wealthy white landowners whose possessions come from the colonial period and the majority Native African population which is usually much poorer. This came to a head in Zimbabwe with numerous raids and attacks on White Zimbabweans or Rhodesians.

Who were the key players of the Latin American revolution?

Simon Bolivar is an example of a key revolutionary who led a movement for independence in Latin America. Jose de San Martin is another example, as is Miguel Hidalgo.

Is the word movement a verb?

No. Movement is a noun. Example : "I heard movement in the bushes."

What was Gandhi's method of protesting?

Peaceful protests. example: boycotting goods.Ghandi was a leading figure in the non-violence movement that swept India in the fight for Independence. He used a method called satyagraha which was resistance through mass movement using non-violence. The movie Ghandi is quite good and covers key periods in the movement.

What means did Kwane Nkrumah use to help Ghana win its independence?

Most African nations won independence through largely peaceful means. In the Gold Coast, for example, Kwame Nkrumah organized strikes and boycotts to protest British rule. Although the British jailed him for his actions, he achieved his goal. In 1957, Ghana became the first black African nation to win independence. Over the next decade, many former British and French colonies gained freedom.