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He was given his freedom from slavery

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Q: After fighting in the continental army James Armistead Lafayette was given?
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Did James armistead Lafayette go to school?

James Armistead Lafayette go to school YES he didand just to tell you James Armistead is the same person as James Armistead Lafayette but James Armistead got that from his collage .

Is James armistead and James armistead Lafayette different?

No, they are the same.

Who did James Armistead WORK FOR?

James Armistead worked as a spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War under the command of General Marquis de Lafayette.

Who was James amistead Lafayette?

James Armistead Lafayette was a soldier in the Continental Army. He was born a slave and he was also a spy for the Americans and one of the country's first double agents.

Did James armistead Lafayette have a wife?

a koren person

How did James Armistead get his freedom?

James Armistead Lafayette earned his freedom because Marquis de Lafayette assisted him by writing a recommendation for his freedom, which was granted in 1787. In gratitude, Armistead adopted Lafayette's surname.

What date was James Armistead Lafayette was born and died?

James armistead was born on January 23,1741

Who was James armistead's wife?

it was i belive samantia salswer armistead fried chicken lafayette

Who was the master spy of Yorktown?

James Armistead. Who became James Lafayette

What is James armistead Lafayette mother name?


What heroic act did James Armistead perform?

James Armistead served valiantly as an American spy, working out of the headquarters of General Lafayette

Where was James Armistead Lafayette born?

James Armistead was born either in New Kent County, Virginia or Elizabeth City, Virginia.