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Q: After losing the democratic nomination he reportedly quipped theres nothing left to do but to get drunk he later died of cirrhosis of the liver which president was this?
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Who is the democratic canidate for president in 2012?

The President Barrack Obama who secured the Democratic nomination with no serious opposition.

Which candidate appeared likely to capture the Democratic nomination for President in 1968?

Robert Kennedy seemed to have almost a lock on the Democratic nomination in 1968 when he was killed.

Can Hillary Clinton get the democrat nomination for president over Obama in 2012?

can hillary Clinton get the democratic nomination over an incumbent president in 2012

Who won the Democratic nomination for US President?

to this day, Barack Obama

When will President Obama accept the Democratic nomination for the US president?

He accepted the nomination at the Democratic party's national convention, which was held in Charlotte NC. His acceptance speech occurred on Thursday night, the 6th of September 2012.

Who challenged President Carter for the Democratic nomination in the 1980 primaries?

Senator Ted Kennedy challenged President Carter for the Democratic nomination in the 1980 primaries. Despite a spirited campaign, Kennedy ultimately lost to Carter, who went on to be the Democratic candidate in the general election, where he lost to Republican candidate Ronald Reagan.

The Democratic Party's nomination for President in 1992 was .?

Bill Clinton

In 1988 who ran for president?

Shirley Chisholm was the African American who tried to become President of the United States in 1972. She did not win the Democratic nomination that she needed to get on the ballot.

Which of these men did not seek the 2004 Democratic Party nomination for US President?

Ronnie Earle.

Did Robert Kennedy become president?

No- he was assassinated while he running for the Democratic nomination in 1968,

He was in the race for the Democratic nomination for president when he was assassinated as his fallen brother had been?

bobby Kennedy

Who challenged president carter for a democratic nomination in the 1980 primaries?

Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.