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It was after the second of the two Battles of Saratoga that General Burgoyne of Great Britain surrendered his men. This occurred on October 7, 1777.

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He surrendered in Saratoga during the Battle of Saratoga.

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battle of saratoga

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Q: After what battle did General Burgoyne surrender to the Americans?
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Why was general burgoyne important?

General John Burgoyne is important in the history of the Revolutionary War because of his surrender at the Battle of Saratoga to Colonial forces. He was nicknamed "Gentleman Johnny" by the Colonists.

Who lead the saratoga people into battle?

General Horatio Gates lead the American army, and General Burgoyne lead the British, But the Americans won the battle because General Burgoyne surrendered.

After which battle did British General Charles Cornwalis surrender to the Americans?

the Battle of Yorktown

What did john burgoyne have to do with the battle of saratoga?

British General John Burgoyne's military career is most noted in the US for his surrender to the American army at Saratoga, bringing France into the American Revolution.

Who was forced to surrender at Saratoga?

General John Burgoyne was forced to surrender at the second Battle of Saratoga on October 17, 1777, giving the United States a victory. The first battle was fought on September 19th and was a victory for the British.

What general lost at the battle of saratoga?

John Burgoyne

Who was involved in the New York battle?

The British and Americans (Patriots). General George Washington led the Patriots. And Cornwillis was waiting in the south for answers from General John Burgoyne.

Which battle of the Revolutionary War did the colonist win because a British general brought too many wagons which gave the colonists time to prepare for battle?

It should be the Battle of Saratoga or, better said, the sequel of encounters which culminated in the British General Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga.

What was the outcome of the battle of Oriskany?

The Battle of Oriskany resulted the British commander retreated to Canada and failed to advance to Albany in New York. This contributed to British General Burgoyne's surrender at The Battle of Saratoga sometime later.

The result of the battle at bennington?

Turned away General Burgoyne from a weapons cache located in Bennington and halted his push down the Hudson river valley.

Who commanded the victorious American forces at Saratoga?

AnswerAmerican General was General Horatio Gates.British General was General Burgoyne

Who won the Battle of Freeman's Farm?

this was a battle that the British commander, Burgoyne, had to win but he was beat by the Americans