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All laws must agree with the United States Constitution. If a law does not abide by the constitution, it can be challenged by the Supreme court.

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Q: All laws must agree with what document?
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The constitutional supremacy of the Philippines?

The constitution is the highest document set to govern the people of Philippines. All their values and laws emanate from the document. Their rights and duties are also stipulated and protected in the document.

Which statement would the Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato be mostlikely to agree with?

A country's laws must apply to all citizens to prevent the rise of tyranny.

Who decides what the laws say and if the laws agree with the US Constitution?

the judicial branch overviews all laws and makes sure that they are all constitutional

What law or document is above all state and federal laws?

the constitution

Why was it hard to get laws passed under the Articles of Confederation?

To pass laws all states need to agree

What must all laws be in order for them to be legal?

All laws must abide by the United States constitution in order for them to be legal.

Does the judicial branch make sure all laws agree with the constitution?

yes it does

Scholars agree that all art must have a purpose?


Does a truth in lending document have to be signed?

Yes, you must sign the truth in lending document. It has all the info about your loan,broken down, so that you are aware with nothing hidden to surprise you later. It is scary with the amount you will have paid over the term of the loan, but it is nessary for you to sign, not that you agree, but you have been notified.

Why is the constitution the legal basis of all other laws?

Becaus all laws must not contravene the constitution.

Elementary data link protocols?

Elementary data link protocols must agree at the most rudimentary level. The data frame must be constructed from this level, and all protocols must agree.

In a criminal jury trial must all jurors agree with the guilty verdict?

Generally, all jurors must vote "guilty" to convict someone of a crime. However, some states have laws that create "exceptions". Some states allow "all but one" or "all but two" of the jurors to vote guilty, and allow the conviction to stand.