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The supreme law, and that with which all others must not conflict, is the U.S. Constitution. All legal authority for governmental action comes from the Constitution of the United States.

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Q: The supreme law of the United States with which no other laws must conflict is the?
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Why is the US Supreme Court in Washington D.C.?

The Supreme Court of the United States is head of the Judicial Branch of government, and Washington, DC, is the United States' capital. All three Branches of the federal government are located in close proximity to each other.

What is the highest court in land?

in the united states, the supreme court is the highest court in the land. in other countries, idk.

If a nation has supreme absolute power it is said to have what?

A nation with supreme absolute power is a situation whereby its power is unchallenged and can spread its ideology to other nations e.g United states of America.

How can a court block a law?

It is usually the US Supreme Court that can block a federal law. State Supreme Courts block states' laws. They can do this if the law is deemed unconstitutional or is in conflict with rights already protected in other laws.

How did the Spanish American War help the US become a world power?

The result of the Spanish/American War helped the United States become a world power by letting other countries know that the United States was not going to back down. Other countries did not want to start a conflict with the United States after this war.

Where in the court hierarchy is the federal circuit?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit sits below the United States Supreme Court but above the United States District Courts. It receives appeals relating to complaints regarding patent laws and other subjects.

What is the court of last resort for all questions of federal law?

A supreme court is the highest court within the hierarchy of many legal jurisdictions. Other descriptions for such courts include court of last resort, instance court, judgment court, apex court, and highest court of appeal. Broadly speaking, the decisions of a supreme court are not subject to further review by any other court.

What is the salary of supreme court chief justice?

The current salary for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is $285,100 per year. This amount is set by Congress and is higher than the salaries of the other Associate Justices on the Supreme Court.

Does the chief of state nominate judges of the supreme court?

In the United States, the President (also called Chief Executive, but not typically chief of state) nominates federal Supreme Court justices, but they must be approved by a simple majority (51%) vote of the Senate. States within the United States and other countries may have different processes for nominating supreme court or high court judges.

A plan that provides the rules for government is called?

the Constitution

Who is the chief of judtice of the supreme court?

Technically, there is no such person. The title is, "Chief Justice of the United States", and the current one is John G. Roberts. The chief justice has other duties in addition to running the Supreme Court.

The Cold War was a conflict between the United states and what other country?

The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics Otherwise Known As The Soviet Union Or The USSR.