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natural rights


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Q: All people are born with these rights?
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What rights did thomas Jefferson say all people are born with?

they were born with the right to be Independent

The Declaration of Independence states that all people are born with certain rights that include the?

Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

John Locke believed that people were born with natural rights that included all of these EXCEPT?


Philosopher who believed that all people are born with the rights of life liberty and property?

John Locke

What is the due process of law or steps of due process?

All people born in the united states have all the rights of citizens.

How come gay people have rights?

Because all people have rights.

What three natural rights did Locke argue that all people possess?

To be born free, equal and independent.

How are natural rights different from other rights?

natural rights are rights you get when you are born. that is why they are called NATURAL rights.

What was meant by the enlightenment of natural rights?

rights that all are born with

What does the declaration if independence sat about government and the rights of the people?

That government gets its right to govern only by the will of the people and that all men are created equal, born with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 granted citizenship to all people born in the US except?

Native Americans.

What the purpose of the civil rights Act of 1866?

Citizenship was granted to all people born in the U.S. except Indians.