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the french

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Q: Ally of the American colonies
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what countries were included in the American revolutionary war?

The British Empire, its American colonies, France as an ally of the colonials and German troops ('Hessians') who fought for the British.

Is Mali an American ally?

No, Mali is not specifically an American ally

Who decided to ally with the French during the Revolutionary War?

the colonies

Who was an american ally?


What countries were in the involved in the Revolutionary War?

The American colonies were seeking independence from the British empire. So, American colonies (US and Canada) and the UK were involved in the Revolutionary War. France became involved as an ally of the Americans later in the war, as did Spain so they as well as some of their colonies did as well. Another ally was the African Americans that were seeking out freedom from there owners but others still wanted to stay with Britain because they thought if the Loyalists won they would have more power then if they stuck with the Patriots.the two nations that were involved in the revolutionary war was the british and the americans.

Why did the United States support the revolutions in what were the Spanish colonies?

Spain was an ally of France so it gave some money to the American Revolution. Spain sent gold to be used for the Battle of Yorktown.

Who was are main ally?

In the American Revolution, it was France.

Native American ally of the french?


How is France related to the American revolution?

France was an Ally of the USA in the American Revolution.

The American Revolution was fought by the American colonies in China?

The American Revolution was fought by the Americans and not the American colonies in China.

an ally to the american during the revolutionary war?


Who was the first child of African American parents in England and American colonies?

1. Who was the first child of African American parents in England's American colonies?