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The Battle of Saratoga was actually 2 separate battles, fought a few weeks apart. The British were attempting to invade from Canada after they captured Fort Ticonderoga. The British then headed south, but were met by American soldiers and defeated. The American victory caused the French to finally come to the aid of the colonies as an ally.

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Johnny Burgoyne.

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Q: How was the Battle of Saratoga started?
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How long after the battle of trentin was the battle of saratoga?

The Battle of Trenton was fought on Christmas, 1775. The Battle of Saratoga started 19 Sep, 1775

What started the battle of saratoga?

you will find the answer at

What American victory convinced the French to enter into an alliance with the Americans?

Battle of Saratoga

What battle was the turning point of the revolution war?

The battle of Saratoga.

How would you describe the battle of saratoga?

The Battle of Saratoga took place in 1777 and was started in an attempt by the British to gain control of the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War. The battle was won by the Americans.

Why is the battle of saratoga called the battles of saratoga?

Because the battle was in New York Saratoga so they call it Saratoga battle.

Which happened first the battle of Saratoga or the battle of white plains?


In the battle of Saratoga what were they fighting for?

In the battle of saratoga, they were fighting for independence.

What battle convinced France to enter the colonists side?

In the Battle of Saratoga

Did the Americans win the battle of saratoga?

The battle of saratoga was won by the americans.

What came first the battle of saratoga or the battle of Trenton?

The battle of Trenton happened in 1776. The battle of Saratoga happened in 1777. So battle of Trenton came first.

The battle which turned the tide of the Revolutionary War in favor of the Americans was what battle?

the Battle of Saratoga!