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The Battle of Saratoga.

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Q: The french announced support for the United States after the American victory at?
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What was the effect of the American victory in the American Revolution?

Americas freedom from Britain and became their own separate country The United States of America.

What effect did the US victory in the 1848 Mexican-American war have on the Mormons?

The US victory in the Mexican-American war meant that the land (now Utah) that was occupied by the Mormons was now a part of the United States.

What did king Louis 16 of France do after hearing of the American victory at saratoga?

He changed his position on the American Revolution and elected to end the charade of covert aid to the Continental Army and to openly support the United States against the British. Eventually 10,000 French troops would serve in the War and the American Revolution became an International conflict.

Which war was longer the civil war the American revolution or the spanish war?

American Revolutionary War- (1775-1783). Britain vs. America. Result- (American Victory). Mexican- American War- (1846-1848). Mexico vs. America. Result- (American Victory). American Civil War- (1861-1865). United States of America vs. Confederate States of America. Result- (United States of America Victory). Additionally, if you mean "Spanish War" by the war between Spain and America over the annexation of Cuba, that lasted less than a year in 1898. Hope this Helps.

What was the password for the surprise attack on Trenton?

The phrase 'victory or death' was the American password at the Battle of Trenton. The battle occurred on December 26, 1776, and resulted in a victory for the United States.

What statement best descibes the support of congress for the American System?

Only three states supported every element of the American System.

Why did American see the end of the war as a victory?

Americans have seen it as a victory due to the fact that British forces that had invaded the United States were for the most part defeated allowing the nation to retain its sovereignty.

Why did imperialist support Spanish-American war?

To gain more territory for the United States

What was the problem of piracy by the Barbary States with the US?

Thomas Jefferson refused to pay the high bribes Berber Muslim states in North Africa were demanding to keep them from sacking American ships and kidnapping and enslaving American crewman. This was the United States first war fought on foreign shores. The eventual victory in Tripoli by US marines and foreign mercenaries marked the first time the American flag was raised in victory on a foreign shore.

What did the United States received as a result of their victory in the Spanish-American war?

Cuba, Guam, and they bought the Philippines for 20 million from the Spanish

Which country sold Guam to America?

Guam was not sold to the United States, but was obtained from Spain following the Treaty of Paris in 1898, as a result of the American victory in the Spanish American War.

Why did the United states support Latin American independence?

Latin Americans had supported American in its fight for Independence during the American revolution