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hugh e. rection

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Q: American leader at the battle of King's Mountain?
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What led to the battle of kings mountain?

American revolution

Are there any x words in the revolutionary war?

John Xavier was a leader in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He took part in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

When did Battle of Kings Mountain happen?

Battle of Kings Mountain happened on 1780-10-07.

An important American victory the turning point of the war in the south was at?

Battle of Kings Mountain

Why was the battle of kings mountain a dishonorable victory for American forces?

Because after the battle 163 badly wounded Tories were abandoned on the field by the Americans.

Where did the Battle of Kings Mountain take place?

The battle of Kings Mountain was an important Revolutionary War Battle, fought between American loyalists, under Major Patrick Ferguson, and a group of rebels, primarily mountain men from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. It was fought about 25 miles east of the city of Charlotte, NC, on a small knoll. The Kings Mountain National Monument is located in South Carolina, just south of the North Carolina border.

What is a battle site west of Gastonia?

The Battle of Kings Mountain.

What brought over-mountain men out to fight the battle of Kings Mountain?

Fergusons challenge by killing a thousand or capturing the entire force

Where was the battle of kings mountain?

South Carolina

Who was the victor at Battle of Kings Mountain?

The americans.

Who won the battle of King's Mountain?

The Battle of Kings Mountain, on 7th October 1780, was an important Patriot victory in the Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War. Frontier militia overwhelmed the loyalist militia led by British Major Patrick Ferguson.AnswerThe Americans won the Battle of King Mountain.

What revolution war battle was fought in october71780?

the battle of kings mountain