An ideogram illustrates a

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: An ideogram illustrates a
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An ideogram illustrates a n?

An ideogram is a visual symbol that represents an idea or concept. It is used in writing systems to convey meaning without using specific words. In Chinese characters, ideograms are commonly used to represent words or concepts.

What is the Japanese ideogram for great blue heron?

Great blue herons are not native to Japan, so there is likely no ideogram for that species.

Who was the sculptor who sculpted 'Ideogram'?

James Rosati

Picture that symbolizes an idea or action?


What is the difference between a pictogram and a ideogram?

i don't know the answer ,but i i like pie A Lot

What are ideograms?

An ideogram is an idiot that likes gram crackers.

What does an ideograms illustrates?

An ideogram is a figure which represents a whole word. One which we use a lot is a heart for the word "love". You will note that the heart shape does not actually look a lot like a real heart, and in any case, the heart does not really have anything to do with love. So the ideogram itself does not usually convey the idea of the word it represents, because it is an abstracted design, and its meaning is conventional. Chinese ideograms are the same thing--they once were like pictures, but you can't figure out what they were supposed to be anymore.

What is the name of the artist who sculpted the 'Ideogram' now in The World Trade Center?


What is an ideogram?

An ideo gram means a word that looks like what it says for example: Folded.... the word folded, actually looks folded or heart the word heart is inside the shape heart. ideogram- a pictorial character or symbol that represents a specific meaning or idea.

What is a Chinese pictures writing symbol?

a chinese character is called hanzi and in japan it called kanji

Who illustrates Hetty feather?

Nick Sharratt illustrates Hetty Feather.

What best illustrates alliteration?

"And sings a solitary song" is a line that illustrates alliteration.