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Q: What headline illustrates the use of the unwritten constitution?
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Which headline illustrates the use of judicial reviw?

"Supreme Court Strikes Down Law as Unconstitutional"

What creation is an example of the use of the unwritten constitution?

Federal postal system

An example of the use of the unwritten constitution is the creation of the?

President's cabinet

Advantages and disadvantages of a written constitution?

Advantages: Provides a permanent record which can be looked at again. Suitable for formal communication. It is more precise and explicit. It provides ready records and reference. Disadvantage: Sometimes more time consuming and some of the words could misspelled or hard to understand. The response is not spontaneous. Effective written communication requires great skill and competencies in language and vocabulary use.

What are the signs use in copyreading and headline writing?

. inside a ^

What unwritten presidential powers did Monroe use to buy Florida?


What is the meaning of a screaming headline?

A screaming headline is a dramatic or sensational headline that is designed to grab attention and evoke strong emotions in the reader. It typically uses bold language, capital letters, or exclamation points to make a statement.

To create an eye-catching and dramatic headline use?

Incorporate strong action verbs and descriptive adjectives to grab attention, like "Ignite Your Passion with Explosive Deals!" or "Unleash the Power of Innovation: Revolutionary Solutions Await!"

How do you use a photo as your headline on MySpace?

u simply cant

Do you have you ideas for songs to use for a dry shampoo advert?

Unwritten- Nastasha Bedingfield?

What are the unenumerated powers of the president?

The US President doesn't have any powers under the unwritten constitution. The United States does have a constitution so the president must follow those written laws. However, the President has a lot of prestige and public exposure because of his position and can use those to shape the national debate or push for particular legislation.

Can you use the word jingoism in a sentence?

"Jingoism Runs Rampant" was today's headline.