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"New York State's Reapportionment Plan Ruled Unconstitutional"

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Q: Which of the following headlines illustrates the use of judicial review?
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When the supreme court declares a law as unconstitutional we have an example of what?

judicial review

Which of the following ensures the Constitution and its rules are not being ignored by the president, Congress, or the states?

judicial review

The power of the supreme court to decide if laws made by the congress are following the laws of the constitution?

judicial review

One expert has said that this is like a boxers big knockout punch?

I do not know who said that but if you are wondering what it refers to, that would be a judicial review.

The power of the courts to decide the constitutionality of an act of government is called?

Judicial review... which was given binding authority by Maybury v Madison in 1803

What is the power of the courts to declare laws invalid if they violate the Constitution?

Judicial Review

What power can declare unconstitutional acts of government?

That power is the power of judicial review.

What is one power of the judicial branch?

judicial review

The Supreme Court evaluation of the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress or state legislatures is known as?

A judicial review allows the Supreme Court to annul any acts of the state that is deemed to be unconstitutional. This decision was made during the Marbury v. Madison case which stated that they have the right to review the acts of Congress to determine its constitutionality.

What power does judicial review give to the judicial branch?

no the power of judicial review is not mentioned in the constitution. because Judicial Review was used in 13th century law but the courts didn't agree with it so it was forgotten. until the case of Marbury v. Madison that is when Judicial Review came back to the power of the Supreme Court.

The fact that Southern juries generally did not convict those accused of murdering African-Americans and civil rights workers illustrates one of the problems associated with America's constitutional p?

C- Judicial Review

What is constitutional review?

"Constitution review" most likely refers to the courts' power of judicial review. For more information about judicial review, see Related Questions, below.