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Q: Analyzing the composition of lok sabha study the current composition of lok sabha no. of representatives who studied till 10th or 12th graduates post gra?
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What is the current ration of people to representatives in the House of Representatives?

the current amount of represenitives are 435

List of current House of Representatives?

list of representatives

Who is Florida's current representatives?


What is the current number of members in the Oklahoma House of Representatives?

There are 101 State Representatives.

What was the record amount of Representatives in the house of representatives at one time?

Answer435Answer900, which is the current number.

Has anyone famous graduated from Hennepin Technical College?

There are several notable, but perhaps not famous, graduates from Hennepin Technical College. These include Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, and two current members of the Minnesota Senate and one member of the House of Representatives.

Who are the US representatives in congress?

There is a current list of all members of the US House of Representatives at the related link.

Who is Arkansass current US representatives?

megan rules

Who the current speaker of the House of Representatives?

john boehner

What would you think have happen the effect if the composition of the earth is the opposite of current composition?


Who is your repersentative in the House of Representatives?

Florida has twenty seven representatives. Some of the current representatives are David Jolly, Corrine Brown, Ted Yoho, and Alcee Hastings.

Who is the speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives?

David Ralston is the current speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives. He was elected by his fellow Georgia Representatives.