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The chief officer of the United States House of Representatives or The House is the speaker. The current speaker of the house has been?æRepublican John Boehner since 2011.

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House of Reps

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The president

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Q: Who has the speaker as the chief officer?
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Has a speaker for chief officer?


Is the vice president the speaking chief officer?

no he is not, the house elects their chief speaker but the presedent is the chief officer...

Who is the chief officer of the house representatives?

Speaker of The House

Does the house and senate have a speaker foe chief officer?

The House does.

The believability and authority of a speaker called?


What is another title of chief officer given for house representives?

speaker of the house is the chief officer of the House of Representatives, currently it is Nancy Polosi

Who elects the chief officer of the house?

The house elects its own chief officer. This is done by holding an election and appointing the leading official as the Speaker of the House.

Who is the chief officer of the Republicans?

The most influential member of the Republican Party is John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Who is the Chief executive officer and the chief financial officer?

Chief Executive Officer

Who holds the chief officer position in the US House of Representatives?

The Speaker of the United States House of Representativesis John Boehner .

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