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Jennings BrothersJennings Brothers Manufacturing Company operated a foundry in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They made clocks, lamps, tableware, shaving sets, corkscrews, and more. During the three year period 1899 - 1901, Edwin M. Jennings (one of the brothers) teamed up with Charles S. Mosman to design some clock cases for which they were granted U. S. design patents. As early as 1894 Edward had been a witness on a mirror frame patent by Mosman. Mosman was granted six design patents in 1921 for "Design for a Base for a Crucifix or Candlestick or Similar Article".

The trademark J B can be found on their products. Sometimes it is accompanied by "Trademark JB Signifies the Best".

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Q: Any information on trade mark JB signifies the best?
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