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I think Belgium have more to do with The Netherlands and Luxembourg (the BENELUX countries) but I also think that during World War 2 the whole of Europe became allies. Except for Germany and Italy of course.

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Q: Are Belgium and Russia Allies
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Who were the allies of Britain in the Great War?

Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Siberia, Albania, and Montenegro

What countries were the Allies in World War 1?

Triple Entente consisted of the United Kingdom , France and Russia .

Who were englands allies in ww1?

England allied with France, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Japan, the United States, and other allies defeated Germany which were , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

Are Russia and France allies?

In World War 1 Russia and France were allies.

Was Russia siding with Hitler or the Allies?

Russia was more with the Allies because Hitler captured Russia Russia sided with both sides

Who was allied with Serbia in World War 1?

Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia. Russia backed Serbia. As Russia was allies with Britain and France through the triple entente, Serbia had their backing as well. Eventually, America and Belgium supported them too.

Did Belgium side with allies?


What is the distance from Russia to Belgium?

The flight distance from Belgium to Russia is: 3,489 miles / 5,614 km

Who won between Russia and Germany?

The outcome of the match between Russia and Germany was a tie.

Who was Koreas allies?

South Korea's Allies: The whole U.N. North Korea's Allies: China and Russia

Who where the allies in World War 1?

The Allies in World War 1 were: Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, South Africa, France, the Russian Empire, some Arab Bedouin tribes, Greece, Italy and Belgium. America joined the war later.

What countries was invaded by Germany in world war 1?

France, Belgium & Russia