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Q: Are British and American political parties in decline?
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What has contributed to the decline of political parties?

With the decline of political parties has the importance of the media has increased?


How did Allen and sedition acts divide American political parties?

There were no political parties in the Adams administration.

The british political parties in 1800s were the?

liberals and convervaties

What has the author Justin Fisher written?

Justin Fisher has written: 'British Political Parties (Contemporary Politial Studies)' 'British Elections and Parties Review (British Elections & Parties Review)'

Attitude of the American people toward political parties?

The attitude of the American people toward political parties is seen in the strong feelings an d loyalty they have in their respective parties. The two main political divides in America are Republicans and Democrats.

How long have political parties been in decline?

Ever since our simian ancestors began walking upright.

What were the 19th century British political parties called?

liberals and conservatives

Which of these was one of the first American political parties?

republicans and fedelarists

How are the french political parties different from the American system?


What can describe the distribution of power of British political parties?

The distribution of power within British political parties is primarily a function of cabinet government and the British parliamentary system. As long as the parties accept this system of government effective decision making authority will reside with the leadership groups thrown up by the parties. With that said, this fundamental respect the distribution of power within the two major parties is the same.

One of the main differences between American political parties and interest groups is that?

Interest groups focus on a specific policy where as political parties have a wider spectrum on their political agenda.