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Yes..... indeed

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Q: Are Chinese drilling for oil off US shores?
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What natural resource is mined off the shores of bimini?


Is commercial oil drilling and deepwater oil drilling the same?


How is drilling for natural gas different from drilling for oil?

Drilling for natural gas is similar to drilling for oil, but gas must be liquefied before it can be shipped.

When was the oil drilling ban amended?

the only ban on oil drilling was in 1919

Why aren't we drilling for oil here in the US?

We are drilling for oil in the united states

What does Offshore drilling mean?

Off-shore drilling is the search for and collection of oil lying in the ground under the relatively shallow waters of the continental shelf.

What are the Processes in oil well drilling?

The drilling of crude oil wells both on and off-shore uses the laying of pipes and drill bits. A modern method of drilling is hydraulic fracturing, or fracking which uses fluids to break up natural gas formations.

What is main economic land usage in northern Canada and Alaska?

Oil Drilling

What costs more - drilling or mining oil sands?


What has the author Brandon C Nuttall written?

Brandon C. Nuttall has written: 'Oil and gas drilling activity summary for Kentucky, 1989' -- subject(s): Statistics, Oil well drilling, Gas well drilling 'Oil and gas drilling activity summary for Kentucky, 1988' -- subject(s): Statistics, Oil well drilling, Gas well drilling

When did the oil in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill hit land?

April 30th: First easily visible oil hits Lousiana's shores. May 19th: Heavy oil first hits Lousiana's shores. June 1: Oil hits Mississippi's shores. June 4: Oil hits Florida's shores.

What is off shore drilling?

In search of Fossil fuels, humans take to the sea. They build a platform in the sea, a mobile island if you will, and from there, they start drilling down in the sea floor, until they reach the oil bubble. This oil bubble gets emptied and the humans leave with their oil and their island.