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This is a very divisive topic and Spaniards and Latinos differ strongly in their opinions. Please see all of the opinions below and take each one with a grain of salt. Note: a number of answers have been removed since they simply engage in race-bashing and do not actually discuss the question. If you want to see all of the answers, please see the Discussion Page.

Answer 1: Spaniards are Mixed

They are all of these things. The difference is that American Hispanics/latinos are likely to have a mix of Indian blood as well, unless their ancestors came directly from Spain. Then, that makes it difficult for them to be caucasian, since they are a combination of two races. But, what a great one!

Answer 2: Spaniards are White

The person above me is wrong.

There are TONS of REAL Spaniards in America. The locations that you put are FALSE. Spaniards don't like Mexicans, why would we hang around there? Anyway, as a real Spaniard, we are mostly white, unless we have something added into us.

Even though I was born in Spain, it doesn't matter to us if another Spaniard was born in Spain, or not. Doesn't make you any less Spaniard.

Answer 3: Spaniards are White

There are Spaniards in Southern Colorado I'm one of them and we do not like Mexicans, we are not races it's just there mistaken for spanish, we are the true Spaniards and we are white. my skin is slightly tinted and sometimes people ask me if I am Mexican not I'm an American of Spaniard decsent, I'm a pure blood Spaniard my family has been in America before this was even a country. And it makes me mad because why are Spaniards considered Latino, well Spain came from Greece and Italy, Portugal, and France all came from the same place and because the Spanish found the new world we are hated by other white people so they classify us as a different race.

Answer 4: Spaniards are White

Spaniards are white. Not hispanic, not Latino. Hispanics are defined as a person with ancestry from Mexico the Carribean or South America, but only a country conquered by Spain. Latinos are people from the Latin America. Spaniards are European, just as Italians, the French, and Portugese peoples. I am 1/8th Spanish and I am finding myself constantly upset with how Hispanics are calling themselves Spanish, mostly from lack of knowlege on the subject. It is the same as how people in the United States speak English, but are not English. Hispanics, Latinos (in some cases- such as Germans or Chinese in Brazil), and Spanish are not related other than by SOME language. But, keep in mind, the Spanish language is different in every Spanish-speaking country.

Answer 5: Spaniards are White and Hispanic

excuse my English writing it's not the best..

Hi well I will try to talk about this as best as I can. I am a Spaniard and my family is from the South of Spain and the Canarias. Ok, Spaniards are European, however we are very much latins as are Portuguese, Italians, French and Romanians. We are not LatinoAmericano..however we are latins. Regarding the term Hispano, well Hispania was the name given to our country by the Greeks, so we are not Hispanic? That would be like saying to a German that he is no germanic. You know its all semantics actually.

Its like are Spaniards white. Well white is not one of the 5 races. And in America it denotes primarily Anglo and people of very fair white then we would not fit as nor would the Italians, portuguese, Greeks, french, slavs etc etc. Having said that, we are most certainly caucasians. People confuse ethnicity, nationality, and raze. Spaniards' raze is white, their nationality is Spanish, and their ethnicity is Hispanic. Latino refers to "latin," the language spoken by the Romans who brought it to many areas in Europe as they conquered new territory,

People of Hispanic origen are those whose ancestry is in Spain. "Latinos" should refer to people whose primary language has its origin in Latin. As Latin people goes, Italians are Latinos... The Latin countries are Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Rumania. Skin color is not the only factor in determining a person's raze. Cultural background and geography also play an important part. If you just based "white" as being blond, fair skin, and blue eyes then...let's see... my sister and my brother are white, but I am not, despite the fact we are all from Spain and have the same mother and father. Oh yes, we DO have blonds with blue eyes in Spain. None of this really matters. As immigration becomes more global, razes are mixed and who you are and what you are depends solely on the choices you make not on your ethnicity, nationality, or raze. As one of my professors said " There is only one raze: Human."

Answer 6: Depends on the Government

It appears to me that much of the problem arises from a serious lack of geographical skill and knowledge of peoples' origins. When the Anglo-Saxon [Original British for short] white-looking people took to themselves slaves/babes from Africa and made babies we tend to think of the offspring as being basically Black due to colour; however, this isn't the entire story now is it? Britain conquered much of the world, winning some and losing some, that had not been so by either Spain or France; yet it was the French who for classification purposes of the then colonised world labelled the now known regions as 'Latin America'. Remember Latin was the officiated original language of the Roman Empire and not Spain as in Spanish until Spain was conquered, nevertheless, Latin was the official language of Britannia when it was invaded by the Roman Emperor some 2,000 years ago. Today, those who are of the original people whose ancestors invented the Spanish language, not to include any persons of any other ethnicity/race (i.e., Black, Asian, or any other Aboriginal people) who emigrated original lands and later immigrated into Spain are to be excluded from this sample group; so that it can be clearly shown who should be considered the 'Spaniards', not those that have been grafted into the Spanish culture. Why? It should be a historical lesson understood that when the Spanish of Spain, like France, and Britain, had their empire their blood-line was passed onto their captives. Both Britain and France to this day consider any Spaniard from Spain as White. It is the Americans, as a result of their 1976 law, to make census purposes and later social services programmes, which developed the all encompassing term Hispanic to refer to any and all peoples that possess Spanish heritage. I must comment on the general idea that Spanish and Mexican people may hate each other is rather a naïve generalisation. There was a period in history when the French and the English who were at war might have thought thy hated each other; however, they being my ancestors found it expedient to make love after having made war. This isn't to overstate the idea of an ethnic purification process to be in effect. Just examine Africa. Not all Blacks from all of the tribes view each other without contempt. The Jews didn't like the Samaritans at the time of Christ. Certainly, not every person falls into this descriptive action. These are simple attempts

to explain some vague phenomena.

Answer 7: Spaniards are White

Spaniards from Spain are indeed white as they are descendants of the Celts and Iberians. The British also descend from the Celts but have Anglo-Saxon blood due to the Germanic invasion. Race is indeed a social construct. The Irish were not seen as white until the turn of the 20th century. So whether a group is classified as white has little to do with actual facts (such as history), or skin color but whether the dominant group (agreed upon "whites"Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Jews, and Italians) is willing to integrate said group under their metaphorical "white umbrella".

Answer 8: Spaniards are White and Hispanic

Of course Spaniards are white. White, black, and others are just races. Hispanic (or spanish speaking), Anglo (or English speaking), germanic (or German speaking) groups are ethnicities united by a language and a culture to some extend. The U.S. officially mixed them both (ethnicity and race) and confused everyone. Another problem is that for example in this year's census there is no place to check for the indigenous people of countries outside on the US, for example Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, etc... in contrast with the indigenous people of what is today the US (where they can check as Native Americans in the census)... the whole government thing doesn't make any sense, but we are smarter than this and can differenciate it. To make it even more complicated look at this map of US ancestry from Wikipedia where divides Spanish/Hispanic from Mexican.... crazy, aren't now Mexicans hispanic?? What are they then?

By the way, yes I'm a Spaniard, white, and from the US living in Missouri.

Answer 9: Spaniards are Hispanic

AYOU ARE ALL WRONG! THE CLOSEST THING TO SPANIARDS ARE CUBANS!!! BY FAR!!! but who cares. There is nothing more Hispanic than a person from Spain. If you are a Spaniard living in the U.S, then you are a Hispanic according to American standards.

Answer 10: Spaniards are Hispanic

I'm more insulted when I am called a Gallician or a Vasque than when I have to put in my employment/college/product/Taxes survey that I am Hispanic.

Answer 11: Spaniards are White

After reading all the comments I can probably shed some light that might help all regarding the topic of Spaniards.

I recommend to step back and look at the whole picture from the historical viewpoint, after studying European history for many years my conclusion is that:

1) Look at the geographical location of Spain, right across from the Gibraltar straits you can see North Africa.

2) It is in Europe

3) Besides the pre historic west european folks the 1st to arrive were the Iberians, and the Basque. Then in various waves came the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, and Germanic tribes (white) such as the Alans, Vandals, and Visigoths. From Africa and the Middle East came the Moors, Arabs, and Jews.

4) Conclusion: This geographical location was walked upon by every race except for the people of the far east. The Spaniards as a population have some minor mixing with other races throughout their history but they are a majority white European race. They are Iberians who over time mixed with the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Moors to form what you have in modern times.

What happened in the new world is a different story. With the arrival of the Spaniards in the Americas, a new breed of people were created because those Spaniards procreated with the indigenous people of the Americas and West Africans that were brought over as slaves.

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Let's start here. There are no "races".

Humans have different amounts of melanin according to prehistoric geographical locations.

All humans originated in Central Africa, and migrated from there. All humans had melanin, however, melanin content dropped as humans migrated (or were separated by Pangaea) from the Equator into colder regions.

Race as a description of melanin content is supremacist terminology, created wholly by supremacists and eugenicists who tried to verify their supremacists claims through science.

Please understand, race as a description is a uniquely USA phenomenon, created to give chattel slavery a scientific basis. There are no races, there's only varying amounts of melanin content created by your ancestors.

So the answer to your question is No, they're not white, they're Africans with very little melanin. Russians are Africans with very little melanin. Nigerians are Africans with massive amounts of melanin. Europeans are Africans. Japanese people are African. Everyone is African, your melanin content only decides your skin color.

Again, just to be 100% clear. There are no races.

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Neither, they're spaniards.

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The people of Spain are mostly white.

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Q: Are Spanish people in Europe Hispanic or white?
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Is hispanic considered black?

No. Hispanic racial identity has been historically related to the white race. However, in most modern quantitative measurements (polls, census, etc..), Hispanics are being classified as part of a distinct grouping consisting of Spanish/Latino/Hispanic racial identities.

How many white people are there in America?

As of 2010, the population of the USA being white was at 223,553,265 people equalling 72.4% of the population.

You are Mexican American what race are you?

you could answer Latino, Hispanic, or Mexican.EDIT:Hispanic is an ethnicity that is means you are have origins in a Spanish speaking country Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, etc. Latin is basically the same thing but less specific because it also includes Portuguese speaking countries like Brazil. Mexican is also not a race but instead a nationality, like how people from Canada are Canadians. If you are Mexican chances are you are white, because more likely you have a Spanish last name which means some of your ancestors are from Spain, and your are also probably of a mestizo which means you are of both Spanish and natives of Mexico like the Aztecs. But because majority of mestizos are predominantly of Spanish blood they are considered white or Caucasian.

What race are you if you are Mexican-American?

Mexican Americans encompass a wide group of people who were born in or reside in the United States of Mexican descent. Mexican is a nationality and is not limited to one single race. Most are either mexica, or mestizo.

Who were the first to use the term white to describe a racial group in the area that is now the US?

"White" started being used to describe the people from Europe when the slave trade began; it was introduced to English speaking colonies in the New World by 1680.

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If your Italian are you white or hispanic?

Hispanics are people of Spanish descent. Italians are not of Spanish descent. Therefore, Italians are not Hispanics. Italians may be classified as white, depending on what you consider white to mean. From a check-the-box perspective, Italians probably fall within the white/non-hispanic category.

Are people from Spain considered white?

People from Spain are generally considered white, as Spain is located in Europe. However, Spain's population is diverse, with influences from various civilizations throughout history. It is important to recognize that racial classifications can be subjective and vary depending on cultural and social contexts.

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Hispanic means that South Americans are of Spanish descent and Spaniards are Europeans which means there are considered White

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Is Latino a race?

Actually Hispanic or Latino isn't a race at all. Example, Most of central America ( Mexican Guatemalans, etc.) Are mixed of Native American and the Spanish setters from Spain. (Europe). For Hispanics/ Latinos in the carribean, ( Cuban, Puerto Rican, etc) Are mixed with mostly European ( Spanish, Italian) and some North Eastern African, AND Natives who came to the Islands.

Are white Spaniards considered causians or are they considered Hispanics?

White Spaniards are considered Caucasian because they belong to the white racial category. Being Hispanic refers to people from Spanish-speaking countries, so white Spaniards can also be considered Hispanic due to their national origin in Spain.

What percent Hispanic do you have to be to mark Hispanic as your race?

There is no specific percentage required to mark Hispanic as your race. It is based on self-identification, so individuals can choose to identify as Hispanic if they feel that it reflects their ethnic or cultural background.

Is there more hispanic people than white people in the USA?


Do you belong to the Hispanic race if your grandpa is Mexican but the rest of your family is white?

If your grandfather is Mexican then you are part Mexican, or Hispanic. As to being white, please be aware of the fact that there are whites in all nationalities. I'm Hispanic and I'm white, my family originated in Europe, Spain and France to be exact.

What is a white hispanic?

A White Hispanic, also known as a White Latino, is an American resident of both European and Hispanic descent. A white Hispanic is an individual who has both caucasian and hispanic descents.

Is a hispanic of the white race?

A spaniard is a caucasian. A mexican is usually a mix of spanish and indian . . . the indians were originally from Asia, not caucasian. So, you cannot generalize and say that Hispanic persons are all caucasians. It is not correct to call caucasians 'white'. Many, including Arabic people, can be dark in complexion.

Is Portuguese Luso-Hispanic?

Of course not! portuguese is portuguese - a latin based languages and white folks from Europe