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Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore both appear on The Weather Channel. Although rumors abound that they are dating, there has been no official confirmation.

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Q: Are Stephanie abrams and Jim cantore dating?
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What is the birth name of Jim Cantore?

Jim Cantore's birth name is James M. Cantore.

What is Jim Cantore's email?

Jim Cantore's email address is not known. Jim Cantore is most known for being a meteorologist on the Weather Channel.

When was Jim Cantore born?

Jim Cantore is 53 years old (birthdate February 16, 1964).

What nicknames does Jim Cantore go by?

Jim Cantore goes by Storm Tracker.

Are Jim Cantore and Alexandra Steele an item?

Co-hosts of the Weather Channel's prime time program.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cantore Stories - 2008?

The cast of Cantore Stories - 2008 includes: Jim Cantore as Himself - Host

Are Jim Cantore and Alexandra Steele married?

No Alexandra Steele and Jim Cantore are not married. Jim is divorced and Alexandra no longer works for The Weather Channel.

What is wrong with Jim cantore's children?

There is no known information or indication that there is anything wrong with Jim Cantore's children. It's important to respect the privacy of individuals and their families.

Why can't we get Jim cantore fired?

Because he is the best at what he does.

How big are Jim cantore's biceps?

16.5 inches

What are all of the names of the on camera personalities at the Weather channel?

Stephanie Abrams Mike Bettes Chris Bruin Jim Cantore Jen Carfagno Kelly Cass Felicia Combs Mark Elliot Paul Goodloe Jacqui Jeras Carl Parker Mike Seidel Jordan Steele Alex Wallace Chris Warren Alex Wilson Reynolds Wolf Tevin Wooten

Does Jim cantore have children?

Yes. He has a daughter named Christina and a son named Ben to Mrs Tamra Cantore who suffers Parkinson's Syndrome.