Are all africans poor

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there all black dogss they are all poor especially saiid

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Q: Are all africans poor
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What do poor Africans get to play with?

Poor africans play hand games such as "tag, hide and seek," also they study with books... i hope this helped.

Are all Africans dirty?

No that would be a generalization and they are never accurate. Some people of all racial groups have poor hygiene. Whoever you heard it from is either a racist or ignorant.

What eats bugsinsects?

Many africans and poor people who have to deal with famine

Dose africans go bare foot to places?

Yes as Africa is known for poor people to go bare foot. they don't have any footwear at all

Why are africans fat?

Your question is based on a false statement. Not all Africans are fat.

If the Africans that go to school how do they travel to get to school?

In Africa many people are poor so they usually walk for miles.

Why did whites beat africans?

that's not all they did.

Do all africans carry water on their head?


What role did European imperialism play in the lives of Africans?

The role that European imperialism played was a horrible role. The poor Africans had to suffer through many things. They worked hard labor, and they got nothing out of it.

Why were African-Americans poor between 1945-70?

Do you mean black Americans, Africans who became Americans, or Americans who became African?

Why do africans choose to live where they live?

They don't choose where to live because it is a poor nation with a lot of famine going on. And civil wars

Universities around the world offering scholarship to poor Nigerians undergraduate?

goodday sir/ma, i want to ask this question, i want to know the universities around the world that is offing scholarship to poor afircans students who want to study either in USA or European countries because i have search i have not be able to get one all i was seeing is only for those living in USA not including Africans pls reply thanks. from Ay best in west African( Nigeria)You can try to find scholarships for Nigerians and Africans using this