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Q: Language spoken by most north Africans?
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What is the most common language spoken in north Korea?

Korean is the only language spoken in North Korea.

What is the number 1 most spoken language in North America?

The number 1 most spoken language in North America is English.

What Language is most spoken in north America?


What is the 2nd most spoken language in north America?


After English what language is the most widely spoken in North America?


What is the official language spoken by the most countries in North America?


In North Korea what is the second most spoken language?

North Korea is a strictly monolingual society. No languages other than Korean are spoken.

What language do most north and South Americans speak that came from a language tree?

Other than language isolates, ALL LANGUAGES on earth come from a language tree.The most widely spoken languages in North America are:EnglishSpanishThe most widely spoken languages in South America areSpanishQuechuaPortuguese

What is the most spoken language in Afghanistan?

Persian is the most spoken language in Afghanistan.

What language is mostly spoken aside form English in the US?

The most spoken language is Chinese, then the second most spoken is English, and the third most spoken language is Spanish.

What is the 3rd most spoken language spoken in Austria?

The third most spoken language in Austria is Hungarian.

What is the most used language in Ireland?

The second most spoken language is Irish, spoken fluently by about 1% of the population.The most spoken language is English, spoken by about 98% of the population.