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Q: What is the language spoken by most people in the Caribbean?
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What is the most spoken language in the Caribbean?

English is spoken in most of the Caribbean countries but the rest is Spanish and French.

What language is most spoken in the Caribbean main land countries?

There is no Caribbean "mainland" but there are countries in Central America with Caribbean borders. The most spoken language in Central America is Spanish.

What language is spoken by most people as their second language?

English is the language most spoken as their second language.

What is the native language of the Caribbean?

English isn't the native language but it is the most spoken. The most common language spoken by the natives is Patois, which is a mixture of English, African words, and used to be spoken there before the Caribbeans was colonized.

What language is spoken by the most of the people in the world?

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.

What language is the most spoken in Zimbamwe?

Shona is the most spoken native language, but English is a widely spoken second language for many people.

What language is spoken as a first language by most people in the world?

Various dialects of Chinese are spoken as the first language for most of the world.

What language is spoken by the most people?


Which is the third most spoken language?

The third most spoken language in the world is Spanish, if you include all the people who speak it as a second language.

What language is spoken by the most people in the world as their primary language?

Mandarin, a dialect of Chinese, is spoken by approx 845,000,000 people.

Largest spoken language is?

Language spoken by the most people is chinese, because China has the largest population

What language was spoken by most people in the Byzantine Empire?

The predominant language was Greek, but Latin was also spoken.

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