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Persian is the most spoken language in Afghanistan.

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Q: What is the most spoken language in Afghanistan?
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What languages are spoken in Marjah Afghanistan?

The primary languages spoken in Marjah, Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari. Pashto is the most widely spoken language in the region, while Dari is also commonly used. Both languages are official languages of Afghanistan.

Do the people speak french in Afghanistan?

No, the main language spoken in Afghanistan is Dari and Pashto. French is not widely spoken in Afghanistan.

What American language is spoken in Afghanistan?

There are no American Languages spoken in Afghanistan.English is spoken by only 8% of the Population, but English is considered a European language, not an American language.

What languages are spoken in Kabul Afghanistan?

The main language spoken in Kabul, Afghanistan is Dari, which is a dialect of Persian. Pashto is another widely spoken language in the city, particularly among the Pashtun population. English is also spoken by some residents, especially in educational and professional settings.

Does Afghanistan or Pakistan speak Punjabi?

No Pashto is the major and official language of Afghanistan and Urdu is the launguage spoken in Pakistan. Punjabi is mainly spoken in Punjab, India.

Is french the most widely spoken language?

No, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. French is spoken by a significant number of people, but it is not the most spoken language globally.

What language is mostly spoken aside form English in the US?

The most spoken language is Chinese, then the second most spoken is English, and the third most spoken language is Spanish.

What is the most used language in Ireland?

The second most spoken language is Irish, spoken fluently by about 1% of the population.The most spoken language is English, spoken by about 98% of the population.

What is the third most spoken language in the world?

The third most spoken language in the world is Spanish. It is spoken by around 460 million people as their native language.

What language is the most spoken in Zimbamwe?

Shona is the most spoken native language, but English is a widely spoken second language for many people.

What is the Dari language?

Dari is a dialect of Persian spoken in Afghanistan by more than 40% of the population.

What are the main language is spoken in the Middle East?

The main languages spoken in the Middle East are Arabic, Turkish, and Persian. Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the region, with various dialects. Turkish is mainly spoken in Turkey and parts of the Levant, while Persian is spoken in Iran and some parts of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.