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Hawaii does not have it's own president, however being a part of the United States of America, their current president is Barack Obama. Hawaii's highest independent position is their State Governor.

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Yes, President Obama was born in Hawaii and spent much of his childhood there.

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Pres Obama

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Q: Are any presidents from Hawaii
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Are there any US Presidents that were born in Hawaii or Alaska?

President Obama was born in Hawaii. No US President has been born in Alaska.

Who is the vice president of Hawaii?

Hawaii doesn't have presidents and vice presidents; it has governors and lieutenant governors. The current (June, 2012) lieutenant governor of Hawaii is Brian Schatz.

What are Hawaii's key products?

pineapple and socialist presidents

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What natural resources are grown in Hawaii?

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What is the presidents fav state?

He is probably fond of Hawaii where he was born. They gave him a huge majority in the election.

Who won Hawaii and Alaska in the presidential race?

Barack Obama won Hawaii. John McCain won Alaska. side note - Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, and Reagan are the only presidents to have won both Alaska and Hawaii.

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No US presidents have been from Maryland.

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