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No, as you can get social liberals and economic liberals. For example, a liberal may be pro-choice and support gun control, but believe the government should reduce its role in the economy. Or vice versa.

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Q: Are liberals always liberal on all issues?
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How were radicals different from liberals?

Liberals were mostly middle-class business leaders and merchants Radicals favored drastic change to extend democracy to all people .

Why do liberals suck?

Because they just KEEP getting in the way of fascists who don't know they are fascists, and THINK they are Republicans, when they want to do "reasonable" things, like wage unilateral wars on any old trumped up pretext, just like the granddaddy of all Fascists, Hitler. Or because they won't QUIT whining over "stolen elections" whenever the fascists manage to steal one fair and square like they did in 2000, 2004 or 1876. You do realize don't you....wait, what am I saying....if you had paid attention in fourth grade you would know that America was founded by Liberals, it was Liberals who fought the Revolution, its thanks to Liberal thought that you're free to spew your drivel, and if you had been alive at the time of the Revolution you and all the scum like you would have been the biggest, fattest Loyalists and Tories in town. But feel free, and if you do, you should go find a Liberal and thank them for it.

What was true about the career of Richard Nixon?

He took both liberal and conservative positions on issues. - Apex

Who are the most liberal presidents in history?

The previous answer was completely incorrect and riddled with outright falsehoods. Fascism, as an ideology, is a religion of the state with government control of virtually everything--no, fascism is not a conservative ideology--at all. Where most liberals today tend to confuse this issue, is that fascism also tends to include intense nationalism, which they confuse with the great divide between patriotic conservatives and liberals, who believe that they are citizens of the world, and dismiss patriotic behavior as "jingoistic." Most liberal: Obama Teddy Roosevelt FDR Woodrow Wilson LBJ Carter Neo-Liberal (athoritarian) Clinton With friends like neo-liberals who needs enemies!

Why do liberals believe that the importance of liberty and equal rights?

Liberals and conservatives in America believe in the importance of liberty and equal rights. The problem for both groups tends to come up with regards to money, position and even race or gender. Our constitution says all men (meaning both men and women) are created equal which should mean we all have the same rights to start out with. But, because we are human, it all gets muddied up somewhere at a very early age. Try as we will humans have always found reasons to discriminate against other humans. In fact even the liberals and conservatives have found ways to discriminate against each other. Basically we all want the same things. Its just that some folks believe they will have to make the extra effort to get it and others think they should be entitled to it. Hopefully you and your friends can come up with a better solution because my generation sure hasn't solved it yet.

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Are liberal always liberal on all issues?

Often individuals are not liberal or conservative across the board, and it is often considered good for people to be 'out of line' on some matters as it suggests independent thought. Short answer: obviously not

Do liberals like gay marriage?

People who identify as liberal generally support equality for all people, and that includes LGBT people. If that can be called "like" then it is safe to say liberals "like" gay marriage.

Liberal view of patriot act?

Liberals are all for individual rights. The Patriot Act involves phone tapping, invasion into personal emails and records. Thus, Liberals are very anti-Patriot Act.

Is ABC news a conservative news source?

No, and it is not a liberal source either. ABC considers itself moderate and balanced. Some of their commentators are conservatives, several are liberals, but their news programs seem to have an equal balance of voices from all sides of the major issues.

How do liberals and conservatives feel about gay marriage?

Most liberals like it. Most conservatives hate it. Liberals see the limiting of marriage to heterosexual couples only as discriminatory and unconstitutional. Conservatives view the legalization of same-sex marriage as a violation of their own personal religious beliefs and a long-standing tradition of oppressing gays and lesbians.

Where does the Liberal Party of Canada have most of its seats?

Most of the liberal seats in Canada are in the Atlantic provinces (Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland and Labrador). Historically, the liberals had most of their seats in Quebec and eastern Ontario, however, the creation of the Bloc Québécois in 1991 resulted in them being spread in all parts of the country when Jean Chrétien won his first majority government. Now the liberals only have 8 of the 75 seats in Quebec and 11 of the 106 seats in Ontario.

What is the liberal view of inequality in the society?

Liberals generally believe that some level of inequality is acceptable in society, but that excessive inequality can harm social cohesion and economic stability. They advocate for policies that aim to reduce inequality through progressive taxation, social programs, and access to education and healthcare for all individuals. Liberals emphasize the importance of equal opportunities for all members of society to succeed and contribute to the common good.

What political party is associated with liberals?

The Liberal State Party, "the Freedom League" (LSP, Dutch: Liberale Staatspartij "de Vrijheidsbond"), was a Dutch conservative-liberal political party from 1921 to 1948. It is historically linked to the VVD, a major Dutch political party. The LSP was founded in 1921 as a merger of the mainstream liberal Liberal Union, the conservative liberal League of Free Liberals, the minor Economic League and the single seat parties of the Neutral Party and the Middle Class Party. They were joined by the General Political Party, who lacked parliamentary representation. These were all the liberal parties in the Netherlands except for the progressive-liberal VDB. The merger was forced by the constitutional revision of 1918 implementing universal suffrage and proportional representation. The two biggest parties (the Liberal Union and the League of Free Liberals) had lost a considerable number of seats with the implementation of universal suffrage, while the other three parties had profited from the system of proportional representation. Of the two major political parties in the United States, the Democratic Party is most supportive of organized labor, making it more liberal in that sense. Of the three minor parties, the Green Party is the most liberal and is more liberal than the Democratic Party. There are at least 25 micro parties and numerous regional parties, with a variety of levels of "liberalism" in their party platforms.

Why should you vote for liberal?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to vote for a liberal candidate. Liberals often prioritize social equality and justice, advocating for policies that protect marginalized communities and promote equality for all individuals. They also typically support policies that aim to provide affordable healthcare, education, and social welfare programs, aimed at improving the overall well-being of society. Additionally, liberals often promote environmental sustainability and efforts to combat climate change.

What do the Liberals believe about the bible?

"Liberals" generally refers to a political stance rather than a religious body. Therefore, the specific religious beliefs will vary from one liberal to the next. The most common stance among liberal Christians that I've encountered in some form or another tends to be a more narrow reliance on the Bible as fact as compared to more fundamentalist Christians. This generally translates into the belief that much of it is fables or anecdotes rather than direct history, that Jesus was more of a good role model and teacher than the Son of God, or other means of accepting the many of the behavioral ideas of the Bible without accepting the stories these lessons are found within. This should be taken with the knowledge, however, that it is not descriptive of all liberal Christians and certainly not of liberals en masse.

Will the all-understanding God punish liberals?

God knows.

Are most American liberals conservatives middle of the road or all of these groups about equal in number?

Americans are nearly evenly split among liberal and conservative points of view. Most people lean more towards the middle than the extremes of either view point.