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they are paid in shadow

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Q: Are shadow ministers paid a salary?
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How do the shadow ministers get information about their portfolios?

shadow ministers do work for the government

How do ministers and pastors of a church get their salary?

The "flock" donates and part of this money goes to pay the salary of the ministers/pastors.

Who are the Ministers and shadow ministers of New South Wales?

Zed seselliga

Where do shadow ministers sit?

on the opposition front

What is the salary of all the ministers in India?


Do ministers get paid in a parish?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Church ministers, priests and deacons, get paid by the parish. The salary is set by the Bishop of the diocese in which the parish is. Parishes also hire music ministers, liturgy ministers, sisters to run various things, etc. The parish decides their salaries, usually, although there is a recommendation by the diocese as to what this should be. Most others are volunteers, there may be a paid person in the office who runs the Catechism program, but the Catechists are all volunteers from the parish. Likewise, the organist and song leader are paid, but the choir members are all volunteers, usually.

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