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Q: Are you Remustering Candidate means
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What is the opposite of incumbent party?

The party who does not have a 'the' candidate in office, incumbent means that that parties candidate already holds the office.

What does MEd candidate after a given name mean?

MEd candidate means a person is in the process of obtaining their Masters of Education degree.

What does presidential mean?

The word means "related or pertaining to the presidency ". In the context of a US presidential campaign when applied to a candidate, it means the candidate looks or acts the way a President might be expected to look or act.

What term means the group of people who choose the candidate who wins an office?

The electorate.

What 4 letter word means Employed?

Likely candidate is the word: used.

What does candidate elect mean?

it means i dont really know and if you wanna know your a freak!?!

What does candidate stacking field mean?

On a Taco Bell application, the candidate stacking field is the space where you write your favorite food from the menu.

Which candidate has more power-elected or nominated?

Generally, a candidate who is elected to a position has more power than a candidate who is nominated. Being elected means that the candidate has received the majority of votes from the electorate, giving them a mandate to make decisions and implement policies. On the other hand, a candidate who is nominated may have support from their party or organization, but they have not been chosen directly by the people and therefore may have less power.

Who is an candidate?

a candidate is a candidate

Who is candidate?

a candidate is a candidate

What do's the Spanish word apoyas mean?

It means "you support," as a political candidate or a community effort.

A what is a person who seeks office?

A person who runs for public office is a candidate, like a presidential candidate.