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Updated: 4/28/2022
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don't worry about it, it is not your business. Inasmuch as I want people to all be self empowered then yes, I am a communist. & by the same token I am, at the same time, a democrat. But as a realist I know that however much I want self empowerment of all people I might as well hope for world peace & an end to poverty. Sorry, it wont ever take place, much as I might dream it will. In this way I am using Communism in its most idealistic sense. & in any event I do not have the opportunity or even the desire to actually vote for them ! heaven forbid .

ANSWER: No, I am not a communist, thank you for asking. When I was younger much of the communist Propaganda appealed to me as I found paying my own way very difficult. Then one day I finally read Karl Marx's Das Kapital. It was Mr. Marx himself who turned me into a capitalist. What Mr. Marx taught me was that the only way to introduce communism into a capitalist system is by undermining it's currency because ultimately a one on one situation can not be beat. In other words, Mr. Marx was paying due respect to freedom. He understood that capitalism offered freedom, (Including economic freedom.) more than any other system of economics could do, including communism. The currency of a capitalist system has to be undermined because when left alone the system isn't broken, so it has to be broken. When people point to all the corporate malfeasance, the rising inflation, the staggering recessions, and low wage labor they presume to be pointing at examples of capitalism.

Capitalism in its purest form can be reduced to 3 tenets: 1.) A free and unregulated market. 2.) Massive competition. 3.) An agreed upon currency where the money exchanged equals the value to the good or services sold. Todays market is not free and unregulated. Massive competition is a relic from antiquity and in the United States the currency has no real value and is floated as Fiat money. A $100.00 dollar bill is only worth the paper it is printed on which is about $00.07. The economic system in America today is hardly capitalism and it ain't even Keynesian capitalism! John Kenneth Galbraith dubbed the corporatism that has spread it's creepy little tentacles across the globe as an oligopoly. Oligopolies and the people behind them are not capitalists. The hot dog vendor on the corner of your street is a capitalist. The restaurant owner is a capitalist. There are even plenty of corporations that function in the spirit of capitalism but all of the conglomeration of corporations rife with subsidiaries hates capitalism. They will do everything they can to kill competition and if after millions of dollars spent trying to destroy their competition if they can not win they then begin the process of buying their competition out.

One of the tactics employed by conglomerates and large corporations to better squash the competition is regulation. The FDA is an enemy to all capitalist and a strong ally of conglomerates and large corporations. Watch the current battle between pharmaceuticals and small private vitamin companies. The vitamin industry has found a niche market in alternative medicines and the pharmaceutical corporations will not stand for this and will spend countless monies to better influence Congress to urge the FDA to regulate vitamins. Regulation and FDA approval is an expensive proposition, and especially the waiting for approval which can kill a small business while the corporations patiently wait for all of the market share. This is not capitalism. Just like the above answer, I too am an idealist. I believe in the very same principle that Mr. Marx worked so hard destroy. I believe in the capitalism that Karl Marx taught me and as long as the people believe that a strictly regulated market place and limited competition backed by a worthless dollar is capitalism, then we all lose. Our currency has been undermined! Competition becoming increasingly centralized!! The iron fist of bureaucratic regulation reigns supreme!!! Workers of the world get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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