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A person who favors communist

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Q: What is a communist sympathizer?
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Is President Noynoy Aquino of the Philippines a Communist sympathizer?

yes, his father was a secret head of the communist party in the Philippines during marcos regime

What does the word sympathizer mean?

Sympathizer is someone who shares the feelings and/or the ideas of others ( people, party etc.)

What manipulation technique should be reported when an FIE threatens to disclose his or her relationship with an insider?


Who was an English sympathizer in America?


Is Barack Obama a terrorist sympathizer?


English sympathizer in America?


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Was Pope John Paul II a Nazi sympathizer?

No, he was not.

What is a four letter word for English sympathizer?


Why wasn't Charlie Chaplin not allowed back into America?

He was accused of being a Communist sympathizer. He has gone to London for the worldwide premier of Limelight and was told that the US would not allow him back in the country. He probably could have overturned this but was so disappointed in the US that he chose not to go back.

What are northern sympathizer of south called civil war?


What are other names for communists?

Bolshevik, Bolshevist, C.P. member, Castroite,Commie, Leninist, Maoist, Marxist, Party member,Red, Socialist, Stalinist, Trotskyite, Viet Cong,apparatchik, com-symp, comrade, fellow traveler,member of the Communist Party, pinko,sympathizer.