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Bolshevik, Bolshevist, C.P. member, Castroite,Commie, Leninist, Maoist, Marxist, Party member,Red, Socialist, Stalinist, Trotskyite, Viet Cong,apparatchik, com-symp, comrade, fellow traveler,member of the Communist Party, pinko,sympathizer.

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Q: What are other names for communists?
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What are the Roster of names of supposed communists?

A roster of names of supposed communists was a "Blacklist"

What were people who supported communism called?

In various times, places and contexts such supporters were known as Marxists, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Social Democrats and Communists and other names. This does not include the derogatory names.

Who claimed to have the names of over 200 State Department employees who were communists.?

Joseph McCarthy

What was the relationship between the Chinese communists and nationalist and Japanese?

The Nationalists & Communists tried to unite against Japan, but they kept fighting each other.

What were the names of the economists who felt that the unfair distribution of resources would lead to the down fall of capitalism?


Why were Americans suspicious of the Soviet Union?

they didnt trust each other, after all they had debatedly opposite forms of government

Claimed to have the names of over 200 State Department employees who were communists.?

Joseph McCarthy

Term which can mean hysterical anti communism?

Red scare heightened suspicion of Communists and other radicals, and the fear of widespread infiltration of Communists in U.S. government.

What was the significance of the Vietnam War in relation to the Cold War?

COLD WAR=No Shooting/communists and Free World facing each other Vietnam War=Shooting/communists and Free World shooting at each other

What is nickname for a communist?

Commie, or Red. The word Bolshevik has also been applied to Communists other than Russian Communists.

Who did Hitler find as a threat other than the Jews?

Communists and anybody who supported them.

What evidence did Joseph McCarthy present to prove that communists indise the US did more to spread communism around the world that Communists abroad?

He claimed to have a list of Communists and their actions, however this was never seen and neither was any other concrete evidence presented.