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No. In most states, you must have a permit. A few states allow open carry without a permit, and Alaska and Vermont allow concealed carry without a permit. There are a couple of states, and the District of Columbia, that don't issue permits. Even in states that do issue gun permits, there are places in that you cannot carry legally, such as court houses, schools, and a few other places, but it varies by state.

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The general answer to what I think you're asking is, no, but to further expound on that, each state sets its own laws regarding gun carry permits and carrying guns in public. Some states issue carry permits, some states don't require a carry permit to carry a gun, some states and the District of Columbia do not issue permits. Some states recognize permits from other states, some don't. See related link for specific information.

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Q: Are you allowed to carry a gun around with you in the streets of the US?
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