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A new and highly upgraded-computerized version is in the AC-130 and all attack helicopters have some type of chain gun born from the original Gatling gun.

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Q: Is the Gatling gun still around today?
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Which country invented the Gatling Gun?

The Gatling Gun was invented in the USA by Dr. Richard Gatling, but other countries bought them and used them. General Gorloff who purchased them for the Russian Army renamed them Gorloff Guns, and a gatling gun is known as a gorloff gun in Russia today. Also, any machine gun or automatic cannon which now uses Gatling's principle of revolving barrels can be called a gatling with a lower case "g."

How did Richard j gatling make the gatling gun?

How did Richard J. Gatling make the Gatling gun

Who was Dr. Gatling?

Dr. Richard Gatling was the inventor of the Gatling Gun which used revolving barrels to achieve a high rate of fire. The principle was revived in the 1960's and is still used today. Gatling refused to sell his gun to the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and the US Army was not interested, but after the War the US Army adopted the gun. Gatling, a medical doctor by trade, was ironically inspired to invent the Gatling Gun for humanitarian reasons, so as to make war more efficient, thus reducing the appalling casualties as a result of disease. Gatling patented numerous nonlethal inventions and improvements to existing inventions, but none as famous as the Gatling Gun.

What is the fastest gun in CrossFire?

As of today the fastest gun would be thy gatling gun but it needs to charge up.

How come you cant get the gatling gun in san feirro?

you cant get the gatling gun in san feirro because the is an invisable case around it you can only get it when you do the area 69 missions ps- there is a gatling gun in the area 69 misions when you go in the underground lab

What is the difference between a minigun and a Gatling gun?

The Minigun is Gatling gun where the barrels are powered by an electric motor. The Gatling gun, was a hand cranked, multi-barreled gun.

Who was Gatling gun named after?

The inventor of the Gatling gun was Richard Jordan Gatling. The machine gun- like weapon was named after the inventor. He invented it in 1862.

When was the newest gatling gun made?

Still being made every month

Who made the first gatling gun?

The gatling gun was invented by Richard Gatling in 1861 (it was a common weapon in the American civil war, i must add).

Why was the gatling gun named after gatling?

The Gatling Gun followed a long tradition of devices named after the person who invented / designed it.

What was the gatling gun used for?

the gatling gun was used for taking out large troups of enemies

Who is Richard gatling?

He invented the first successful machine gun called the Gatling Gun