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Lower Middle.

(additional from other than original answerer) this varies from community to community based on cost-of-living (73k buys a nice life in Iowa but you could starve in manhattan). It also varies based on your situation, are you a parent? are you married? if so, does 73,000 apply to your combined household income or just yours? if you are in the median lifestyle in america which is significantly lower in expense than manhattan new york, and are a single person living independently and alone, then 73,000/year is middle class to upper middle class.

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Q: Are you considered middle or upper class if income is 73000.00 A year?
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Is personal income 75000 middle class or upper middle class?

Depends on where you are. This would be considered middle class in cities like New York and San Fransisco. But in most other locations, it would be considered upper middle class.

What salary range is considered middle class?

For middle class, believe it or not, it's about $35K - $45K a year.

Is 165000 considered an upper class income?

No, it is not an upper class level income. It may possibly qualify as an upper middle class income though. Upper class, also known as the wealthy, receive their income from assets owned in the form of passive income. They do not work a j.o.b. receiving earned income.

How many people are in middle class in the UK?

As of 2021, approximately 50-60% of the UK's population is considered to be part of the middle class. This includes various occupational groups and income brackets within the middle-income range.

Middle class income range?

According to experts, personal income level determines individual class level. Therefore, lower-middle class income range is between $35,000 and $60,000. The upper middle class income level is income exceeding $75,000.

Does homeownership equal middle class?

No, class is defined by income.

What is Market Consumption Capacity?

Market Consumption Capacity is basically the income of the middle class. (The percentage share of the middle class in consumption/income)

What was the yearly income for the middle class?

Middle Class families make $35000 to $45000 a year

What was the upper middle class average annual income in the eighties England?

The upper middle class average annual income in the eighties in England was 40,000 annually

What is the average yearly income of a middle class family in the US?

for one income families (in 2006) dollars, it's about $50K a year. for two incomes it's about $60K or so. the middle class is also considered in the $100K range in certain areas of the country. it's a large range.

What is the income definition of low class?

In common English usage, "low class" means rude, vulgar, or ill-behaved and can apply to anyone of any income level. You probably want to know what "lower class" income levels are. There are official definitions of poverty levels for various sizes of families, but lower class is a more nebulous term with no official definition. A person who might have enough income to be considered middle class in rural Alabama might be considered low class in Manhattan where the cost of living is significantly higher. And they might all be considered high class in Mumbai India.

Is 250000 dollars a lot to get paid yearly?

Yes, the average American income is about 50,000. That is considered middle class. So $250,000. Is what most people would considered rich or at least upper class, depending on how you spend it.