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No , because Alaska was not a state.

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Q: Are you eligible to be president if born in Alaska before Alaska became state?
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What was Alaska before it became a state?

A territory.

Did Alaska become a US State before Canada became a country?

NO, Canada became a country hundreds of years before Alaska became a part of the United States of America.

Did 'lincoln become senator before he became president?

no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president

What was the president before he became the president?

Many different Presidents had done their own things before they became President. Please specify the president. If speaking of the current US President Barack Obama, he was a senator from Illinois before he became the President. If speaking of Nelson Mandela from South Africa, he was a political prisoner in jail before he became the President. If speaking of Paul Biya in Cameroon, he was the Prime Minister before he became the President.

What state was admitted to the union right before Alaska?

Arizona was the 48th US State and it got statehood 47 years before Alaska became the 49th US State Arizona became a State in the same year that Alaska became a formal US Territory.

Who explored in the state of Alaska before it became?

Vitus Bering

Who was a banker before he became president?

12th president

What did the president do before he became president?

He was a Senator for Illinois.

What was slavery like before obama became president?

The same as it is now that he became president .

What job did Washington have before he became president?

George Washington was a planter, a surveyor, and general of the army before he became president.

What town does Sarah Palin live in Alaska?

Sarah Palin was the mayor of the small city of Wasilla, AK. She became governor of Alaska after that for most of one term before running for vice president in 2008.

Was George Washington king of England before he became your first president?

No, he was not the King of England before he became our first President.